Tips on How to Bring Your Summer Looks to the Fall

How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

    When the cool fall breeze start coming around... Do you ever think to yourself "Now, what do I do with these summer clothes?"

   Instead of packing them all away, here is an idea... what if you transitioned your summer wardrobe into your fall and winter wardrobe.  If you're like me, you like for your outfits to be multifunctional... therefore extending the wear.  I mean who wouldn't want to continue wearing their favorite summer outfits into the next seasons to come. It's a win-win! You save money by getting more use of your current outfits and find new ways to style them. So here are a few tips!

#1  Add a jean jacket to your sundress looks. Throw on your favorite pair of booties and maybe some thin, patterned stockings... and you're fall weather ready.

#2  For that chic & stylish look, add a fashionable blazer, making your outfit cool weather and office ready.

#3  Layer up the look. Add a long sleeve turtle neck under that slip dress or tank top.  Better yet, add a V-neck sweater or knit cardigan. 

#4  For those short skirts... add some tights and knee high or thigh high boots.

Use these ideas to bring the autumn life into your summer wardrobe.  How do you plan to transition your summer clothes to the Fall?  Have you tried these tips before? How do you transition your summer outfits for fall weather? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Happy Styling!

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